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About us

We are a boutique software development company with a primary focus on web technologies. We handle every aspect of the project life cycle - from requirements gathering, process development and architecture engineering to development, graphic design, hardware procurement, testing and ongoing maintenance.

Our primary client community consists of startups, technology incubators and small to mid sized businesses – organizations that are budget conscious but refuse to compromise on quality.

We were able to maintain very competitive pricing by maintaining low operational overhead and employing only the most experienced, talented and versatile developers. Also, by utilizing proprietary frameworks and tools, we can significantly reduce development time and boost productivity.

We specialize in providing high technology, end-to-end solutions in web development (PHP, ASP.NET, ASP, JSP, XML, Flash, and Web 2.0), Application Development and IT Consulting Services.

We provide Quality, Integrity and Knowledge for a REASONABLE PRICE.

ZeroSoft Communication is a leading IT services company providing solutions across the globe.

We provide e-business solutions to our enterprise customers, as well as product realization services to our Internet infrastructure customers. We have a very strong software engineering processes. We have global operations.We have satisfied customers across the world.

We shall operate globally and bring the benefits of IT to improve the productivity of our customers and the quality of their products and services. We shall be a vibrant organization where openness, trust, teamwork, simplicity, and innovation are valued and prompted.


ZeroSoft's mission is to be a partner with our clients in their continued success by making a valuable difference and creating differentiation in their business through innovative use of technology and talent. ZeroSoft is a vibrant organization where faith, cooperation, simplicity, and creation is treasured and encouraged.

  • Reliable services
  • Response to ever changing needs
  • Adding value to customer needs

To be the leading provider of high-end, best-of-breed product engineering, and life cycle solutions to the global software development and IT industry.

Designing appropriate solutions for the customer and offering dedicated service.


Customer Success, Transparency and Integrity, Excellent results.

  • ZeroSoft focuses on developing applications that are intuitive, easy and engaging for users.
  • Our team can work with the Client in their time zone on a 24/7 contact availability to have continuous interactions between the Client and our Developers.
  • We provide great customer service and on-time project delivery within budget. 100% customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.
  • We enable system integration to enhance the customer experience.
  • The effectiveness of supply chain and extension of the organization lead into new markets.
  • Design and develop a vast array of applications on different platforms.
  • Our Technical Team has more than five years of experience in Web Designing and Development with supreme Academic and Professional background.
  • Usage of latest technologies in sync with the needs of our clients.
  • We provide our services at very competitive prices, but, at the same time, maintain a high degree of professionalism and personalized service.
  • Advanced project management, software testing, requirements management and other techniques of effective software development.
  • On-Time/On-Budget delivery Guarantee.
  • High-degree of Project transparency/Communication processes.
  • Relatively ‘Low Overall Cost’ due to short time to market with High development quality.
  • Total Team size of more than forty-five highly skilled IT Professionals.
  • Most importantly, 100% Success Guarantee.
  • Customer and people focused.